Parents of Tweens…
for the Teens?

Parent With Clarity, Purpose and Meaning

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Congratulations Mums and Dads!

You have made it to the tween (pre teen) years. Quite the achievement.

Their birth is but a distant memory, so too the night feeds and the ‘terrible’ twos. You got them to school, fielded hundreds of ‘why’ questions and bore witness to tantrums, displays of petulance and screams for independence, some of which were yours.

Not only that, but you’ve done this while dealing with your own share of s#*t, I mean life challenges. If only that were the end and you could put your feet up and relax.

But alas, it has only just begun. The teenage years are fast approaching and a whole new adventure awaits you both. Yes that’s right, both.

Let’s not forget your child and the intense transition they are facing. Till now life, for them, has been but a dream, free of responsibility and full of play and laughter.

But the joy, oh so much joy, of being a kid are making way for the pressures and stresses of being a teen. Ouch.

It’s Time to Get Prepared!

So, Mum and Dad… Do you want your child and yourselves to embark on this journey unprepared with little or no training to effectively handle the myriad of challenges to come? It may have served you well, till now, but will your relationship hold up?


Do you want to join the growing number of parents equipping and empowering themselves and their children with the wisdom, life skills and mindset to navigate these potentially challenging, yet transformative times together with clarity, purpose, meaning and love? Thus creating the conditions for your child to thrive in life and not just simply get by!

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“There are costs to taking action but they are nowhere near the costs and risks of inaction.”

John F. Kennedy

Your Guide

G’day, my name is Geoff Havenaar and I am an Australian living in the Tirolean Alps, Austria. I am an author, ‘new paradigm’ parenting coach, and facilitator of ‘rite of passage’ adventure quests for tweens and their parents.

I am also the father of two amazing humans, Nina who is 8, oops sorry 8 and a half and Sophie who is 10 going on 13.

I serve by helping and empowering parents of tweens be prepared and ‘combat ready’ for the teens. For me this starts and ends by cultivating an awesome relationship with your child.

But let’s be honest, the art of relating is not easy, especially to pubescent tweens and teens. Nor is it easy for them to relate to menopausal, conditioned, fearful, mid-life crisis, controlling, ‘old’ know it all parents.

So how do we bridge the gap and connect with each other? How can we get on the same page and form a team to navigate these uncharted waters together?

Personal development expert and author of over 80 books Brian Tracy says: “Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field”. I too believe it starts with us parents learning the skills and developing the qualities needed for this epic journey.

This often leads to personal growth and transformation. Difficult no doubt, but what is the alternative? Changing the teenager to fit in our box? Good luck with that. Unfortunately our culture, traditionally, has not equipped us with this training, so we must seek it out ourselves.

My Parent-Child Tween to Teen Rite of Passage Adventure Quest and Be Teen Ready online program help you both with this.

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The Get Teen Ready Group Coaching Program is for proactive, savvy parents who want to…

  • Ensure they are doing everything they can so their child gets the guidance and support they need to not only handle the teen years but give them the springboard to future life success.
  • Cultivate a healthy, close enjoyable relationship that will survive the teenage years
  • Parent with clarity, meaning, purpose and ease.


Tween to Teen Rite of Passage Adventure Quest

Your child, your baby, will soon be a teen. It will never be the same again, for you or for them. Before this happens I invite you to embark on this purposefully curated adventure to celebrate your relationship and ensure that it’s healthy and strong to withstand the coming years. In the process you will create memories together that will last a lifetime.

“Geoff created such a warm, welcoming and safe space for me to explore and ultimately dissolve the triggers that were showing up in my parenting. It was just so nice to feel seen and heard. Thank You!!”

Maraeke (Mum of 1 girl)
Business Exec in Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I went to Geoff to get help with my child’s behaviour and left having made shifts in mine. Who would have thought? TLT (Time Line Therapy) rocks!!!.”

Chris (Father to 2 boys)
Business Owner in Sydney Australia