A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving Your Dreams in 2024

“If your mind can dream it, then you can achieve it.” – Zig Ziglar

Welcome to the New Year, a canvas filled with hope, dreams, and aspirations. It’s an opportune moment to reflect on the past and set new goals for the future. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution, a personal goal, or a lifelong dream, this blog will guide you through the process of maximising your chances of success. By understanding the psychology of goal setting and manifestation, you’ll be equipped with the wisdom and tools necessary to make the changes you desire for yourself and your life.Otherwise, you might find yourself among the estimated 80 percent who give up on their goals by February.

How to Set Your Goals

The Power of Intention

All achievements, large and small started with an intention. (internal thought) Your journey also begins by declaring loudly and boldly to the universe what it is you desire. The important thing to note here is that you need to be crystal clear on what it is you desire. Just like setting the destination into your car’s GPS.

It is important that you frame it in the positive; something you are moving towards not away from. Write it down, read it many times daily, visualise it, reflect on it, talk about it with others. Fall in love with the idea of it. This way the sub conscious mind understands clearly what you want and can then start to gravitate towards it.

Dream big and bold

Motivation legend Les Brown says ‘shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll be among the stars’. I absolutely agree, however be aware, there are two caveats to dreaming big and bold:

You need to believe your desired outcome is in the realms of possibility for you.

According to your faith let it be done to you. Matthew 9.29

It is hard to believe you can drive to Auckland, if you are starting in Sydney, since there are 2,000 kms of water and no roads between the two.

However, if you are driving from Sydney to Brisbane you have this belief, this knowing, that if you follow the steps laid out by the GPS, you will indeed make it to your destination, or at worst very close to it. So you relax, and trust in the process. This is the belief I am talking about here.

2. In order to achieve your dream, it is imperative you create a monthly, weekly and daily plan. This involves breaking the dream down into the tiny steps required to achieve it. Then, only focus on the step/task you are doing now and the one to follow.

Just as you set the destination in your GPS for a long night drive to Brisbane, your focus for the duration of this 1,000km trip is only on the 100 or so metres your headlights are shining in front of you. In terms of the GPS, only on the next step. You won’t be bothered with directions 5 steps from now, only what to do next.

Let’s say your resolution or dream is to run a marathon in 2024.  Would it be wise to pick one that is in January or start your training with a 42km run. No, clearly not. Well, not unless you are David Goggins. Instead you would start small according to where you are on this journey, in terms of fitness, physique etc. The key is to start with small, achievable and sustainable micro goals and apply the S.M.A.R.T principle to these.

Specific:  Run 1 km each day

Measurable: Yes it is

Achievable: This requires great honesty. You want to set yourself up for success and build credibility with yourself

Relevant: It needs to be connected to your why and your values

Time based: Yes.1 km a day for a week.

The big danger here is making the tiny steps bigger than they need be.

If our marathon aspirant starts with a goal of 5km a day and achieves this the first two days but can’t sustain it throughout the week then motivation will wane pretty quickly. But if they stick with the 1km and succeed at that each day then by the end of the week they will be feeling pretty good about their progress and will be motivated to continue the week after.

What Is Your Why?

Keeping with the road trip analogy; if your goal is the destination, then your ‘why’ is the driving force that compels you to embark on the journey in the first place. It’s the emotional core that breathes life into your aspirations, making them more than mere objectives but powerful expressions of your values, passions, and desires.

When your why is in alignment with your values then the path forward tends to feel a little clearer.  It is easier to make decisions. Even when you come across obstacles to your path, which you will, your why can be the driving force that keeps propelling you forward.

My aspiration for this year is to host a father son rite of passage adventure quest in October in Central Australia.

I believe that it is possible for me to do work that I love, am good at, is of great service and that is abundant in time and money. So the drive behind this is: freedom, self expression, fulfilment, and feeling abundant. The other driving force is its opposite.

If I don’t follow through, if I do not aim for the moon, do not shine, then other emotions such as stuckness, boredom, guilt, oppression will dominate my emotional landscape. I do not like these feelings, so it motivates me to sit here at my computer on my day off with a heavy cold and take the next step (task) I have identified that will lead me to my desired outcome.

The Psychology of Change

The War Is Within

To achieve your resolution, (the external goal), you will need to become the person who can do this. You will need to create new habit/s or ways of being and let go of one’s that do not support your progress. You will need to evolve. Like any road trip, setting off is exciting. However, after a few hours it becomes quite tedious. Are we there yet?

For 64%** of those who set new year’s resolutions the initial euphoria and hope wears off by the end of the first week. Then the war starts. The war between your old self/ego and new self.

The old self is comfortable in its comfort zone. It hates change because change signifies its perceived death, while the new self is looking to shake things up, grow, expand and experience the why. This battle is of David and Goliath proportions and it is a battle your ‘new self’ needs to win, over and over again.

The old self will use any trick at its disposal to get you to stop and go back to old ways even if what you are attempting to achieve is of great benefit to it, you and or others. It shows up as fear masquerading in various ways such as self-doubt and procrastination, or as the good fairy with promises of instant gratification.

Fear: Geoff, no-one is going to read your blog. Don’t write this Geoff, people are going to judge it and criticise you. Who are you to be writing about this? Why do all this Geoff? What if no one comes to your adventure quests? etc etc etc

The good fairy for the budding marathon runner might sound like this: go on Sally, 10 more mins sleep, you deserve it! You ran 3 times already this week. Sometimes it can even show up as psychosomatic pain. Oh my knee hurts, better rest today. The danger here of course is that one day can quickly become 3 and before you know it the dream is over.

Winning The War Within

Here are some tips…

  • It is pretty hard to defeat your enemies if you don’t know who they are. So, it is essential you identify potential saboteurs, so you can see them coming and not fall for their seduction. Generally they are the ones who seek short term gratification over your longer term fulfilment or appear as fear in its many different guises.
  • Build credibility with yourself and thus inner strength by regularly achieving the small goals. Self confidence grows when we keep the commitments we make to ourselves.
  • Although you have your desired outcome alive in your mind, GPS settings programmed into Navi, watch the tendency to want to be there even though you are still here. Yes you have a sense of expectancy that you will reach your destination, don’t get ahead of yourself, complete the small steps.
  • Regularly tap into your why, which is the feeling/state of being you are after. Nurture that feeling as best you can throughout your days as you move towards the accomplishment of your grander goal. If the feeling you desire by achieving your dream is fulfilment for example, you will never get there if day by day, task by task you are feeling unfulfilled.
  • Reduce resistance and aversion in your day to day life. Oh I don’t like this or I hate that. Instead say yes to life, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Do what you can to make the journey fun and enjoyable. This might sound strange when in order to reach your outcome you need to get up at 5am each morning in the cold to go for a run. Perhaps that is running with someone else, awesome playlist or it could be the reward system you create for yourself each week.
  • Create a supportive team around you. (see next point)

The good news is that there is a tipping point when the new habit becomes your new way of being. Some research says it’s 66 days, some 90. It depends on the person, how determined they are, how big the why is and how ingrained the old habit is.

Just think of a jumbo plane. Most fuel is required for takeoff and climbing. Then the plane moves into cruise control. Same with creating new ways of being, soon enough it will be your standard operating procedure.

Success Partner and Supportive Community

“Surround yourself with people who remind you more of your future than your past.” — Dan Sullivan

According to The American Society of Training and Development people are 65% likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. Their chances of success increase to 95% when they build in ongoing meetings with their partners to check in on their progress.**

It is strange but we’re far more likely to lie to and let ourselves down than someone else. Success partners are progress oriented.

What progress are you actually making towards your goal?

Are the tasks you are doing moving you toward the goal or not?

Ongoing Maintenance

A Diet of Wisdom And Inspiration

There is a lot of stuff out there vying for your attention. Media, social media, tv, Netflix, news, sports, parties, beer, wine, job and family. And then there is your goal. Your goal needs to move up the priority ladder. If it sits on par with or below the first nine distractions I mentioned then you’re seduced by dopamine hits that come from short term gratification. You need to shift this and add wisdom information to your brain diet. Anything and everything that will help you move towards your goal. Books, YouTube videos, podcasts. Schedule them into your daily and weekly plan.

Faith and belief:

I’ll start and end the blog with this one. It is essential that you believe your desire will come to pass if you take the necessary steps towards it. As I mentioned the feeling is the same one you have when you put coordinates into your gps system and start following each step as you drive. You know and trust that you are going to get to or get close to your desired destination. Even if you make a wrong turn, recalibrate and get back on track.

Once you have set your intention to the universe and taken the first steps you need to let go of the outcome. Don’t try to control it. Leave the details of how it will come to be to an intelligence much greater than you. E.g at this point I believe it is certainly possible for me to achieve my dream. I have studied what is required for me to reach my goal. But at this stage of the journey I have no way of knowing how the fathers and their son’s will hear about my offer and then sign up. I can only take the next step and trust in the process.

I can only plant the seed in fertile soil and tend to it wisely, consistently and persistently. The outcome is beyond me. That, as I said, is for greater intelligence. From here it is about positive self talk and giving thanks each day that it is on the way, looking out for signs that this is so.

Thank you Lord, you are helping me complete each step on this journey. Thank you universe, you are taking care of the outcome for me. I feel great I have completed this micro task today. Thanks that I am a creator made in the image of the Lord. Thanks, that I have the capabilities to succeed. Thanks for such a great ‘success’ partner. Well done Geoff for completing your Ebook. Awesome Geoff you are moving beyond your fear of being an imposter. Etc etc. You get the idea.


  • Power of intention
  • Dream big, be bold.
  • Map out the path to your desired outcome by breaking the goal down into tiny day by day, week by week and month by month steps
  • Be clear on your why. Why do you want to do this? Then go about your days moving towards this feeling.
  • Identify and prepare for potential obstacles, hindurances and subconscious self sabotaging
  • Winning the war within: Know and apply the antidotes to the obstacles
  • Feed your mind appropriate information.
  • Get yourself a success partner or if you can afford one then I recommend a mentor, coach or mastermind group.
  • Take regular, aligned action
  • Let go of how your dream will come to be, trust in the process, give thanks, appreciate and look for evidence of your progression.

What Is Your First Step?

If you have a dream or some aspect of your life you wish to change then I invite you to join myself and other like-minded beings in the ˋFoxhole‘, rather than going it alone.

Apart from the chances of success greatly increasing you will feel a sense of camaraderie and excitement of being part of a group of people that are supporting each other towards growth, expansion, greatness and personal fulfilment.

The group is free to join. For more information and to register go here.

In gratitude,


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